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Tennis Tips 101 - Serving

Learning the sport of tennis is not an overnight thing. It requires a whole lot of patience, perseverance, determination and of course a big amount of discipline to master the skills.  

Tennis Service 

Making a serve in tennis is a very important skill that one must master. There are actually many types of serving a ball. As you go along your lessons, you will find the one service that you feel comfortable in using every time you play. Doing the perfect serve can gain you a point most of the times.  

Perfect Tennis Ball Toss  

You can gain the perfect ball toss as you learn the sport of tennis. However, it is more appropriate to learn it in a proper tennis class because you learn how to do it in the right way compared to just learning it on your own. Perfect timing and proper posture and the correct positioning are the keys in doing it right. You can only learn this in a tennis class. 

Temperamental Service Toss 

Doing a temperamental service toss can be tricky but this can be the easiest way to improve your play.  

Point of Contact 

In serving a tennis ball, there is actually a certain height that the ball should reach before hitting it. Never hit a ball at three feet or lower than the advisable height. You will get to know more about this in the advanced tennis class. 

Top Spin Slice Power Serve 

As the name implies, the top spin slice power serve is one of the most powerful serves that utilizes a spin. This is commonly used in the advanced stages of tennis.  

Twist Serve

A twist serve is a type of kick serve variety. This is mostly used as a second serve in tennis.  

Heavy Slice Serve

Just like the topspin slice power serve, the heavy slice serve is also considered one of the most powerful serves in tennis. You can surely gain an advantage if you acquire this move. 


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