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Kids Tennis Lessons Singapore

Have your kids expressed an interest for tennis? If your kids are stuck at home for the summer break without anything to do, you can always enroll them in tennis classes. Aside from teaching them how to be productive during vacation time, it can also give them a lot of health benefits. 

Children have a short attention span and underdeveloped motor skills. But they have higher energy levels compared to adults; that is why they always love to be in action. Tennis can be helpful in using up the extra energy in their bodies. 

We have tennis coaches who have been trained in teaching children the basics of tennis. We regularly do an assessment of our coaches to ensure our clients the best quality of tennis education they can have.  

Our objectives include: 

R Athletic Training – Children will be taught the right movements in tennis such as running and shuffling. Simple instructions will be utilized.  

R Enhancement of Skills – Acquired skills throughout the course such as tackling, throwing and catching will be sharpened with continuous training. 

R Ball Control – Children will be taught the right handling of a tennis racket to master the right ball control. 

R Boost Confidence – by improving on techniques 

Our tennis coaches are open for discussion with parents regarding their goals for their children so as to make sure that the children receive the proper training. We also aim for an enjoyable time for the children as they learn the sport of tennis.  

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